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Dr. Josef Meier
Университета в Аугсбург Германия

Josef Meier focuses on teaching innovative learning and teaching techniques as well as techniques for mental efficiency and ´stress reduced´ (language-)learning. For many years he has devoted himself to the training for mental efficiency in the fields of sports, job and profession, (foreign language-)learning and everyday life. It is his intention to enhance emotional stability, which is a prerequisite for effective self-management, in order to optimize behaviour in all areas of life. He combines these experiences with his knowledge of ´multisensory learning´. He has been doing a research on learning foreign languages efficiently in which 1863 students of different types of secondary schools take part. The results will be published in 2008 both in written form and (part of it) in the internet.

Further information: http://www.e-f-l.net/


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Focus on Stress reduced learning

Focus on Interactive Teaching Strategies

Focus on Interactive Whiteboards

Focus on Multimedia

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