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Rhodes meeting 2007

Second meeting was held from April 25th  - 28th 2007

Faculty of Humanities


A warm welcome was given by our host Costa Tsolakidis



Josef Meier presented the programme for the two working days 

This was followed by a Presentation of Review of Progress 



Results from Survey 1 & 2 - Jan Brauer and Kenneth Reimer reported on the results of the survey.  The report was an attempt to ‘scratch the surface'.  There appear to be some errors in the results and each country is to advise on amendments to be made prior to the production of the final report.  Statistics can be found on the VLE.


Workgroup on Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) - Jan Brauer presented the progress to date on the investigation into the usage of IWB from Denmark, Italy, Poland and Spain.  Information provided by Denmark on the research conducted by the Ministry on the pedagogical aspects of the IWB.  The next step is to create a best practice guide to try out in schools.


Innovative Teaching - Sharon Gardiner presented the progress made to date by the innovation group.  The partners participating in this area had carried out national research into innovative practice and loaded documentation into the VLE.  Information provided by: UK, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and France. The innovation group outlined that they would be working on three key areas: interaction, reflection and ICT.


Multimedia - Kenneth Reimer presented the progress made to date by the multimedia group.  There had been little activity and it was raised that perhaps the group should be disbanded.  Discussion took place regarding research relating to multimedia enhanced learning.  It was agreed that the subject area was perhaps too broad and the conclusion drawn from discussion was that the group should continue with a specific focus.

The rest of the day and the next morning had focus on stress reduced teaching and learning. Josef Meier and Angela Miller presented a workshop under the headings:


  • Brain research
  • Relaxed Concentration - Focused Relaxation
  • Levels of Intervention


For the remainder of day 2 the aim will be to revise our work plan, the VLE and the website. Apart from that the different work groups will be able to continue their work respectively. Finally, the project's first conference in Brussels the 21st to the 22nd of June will be discussed; planned and the various tasks will be allotted to partners.

Some at the meeting

Furthermore, some members of the Network held a meeting regarding a new project (LEPOINT - LEarning POtential in INTeractive whiteboard) for which an application will be made under the LLP - Transversal Act.



All experience and insights gained by the LTE Network will be published at Work in progress.



Network Conference



Focus on Stress reduced learning

Focus on Interactive Teaching Strategies

Focus on Interactive Whiteboards

Focus on Multimedia

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