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Besides the long list of Publication and Documents we also provide a list of presentations that were presented at the international conferences:

Presentation from the contact seminar 23rd-27th November 2008 Córdoba, Spain
ppt contactseminar 1.49 Mb

LTE survey on language learning in Europe - an overview 
ppt 1st international conference in Belgium 1.07 Mb 
ppt Investigation on Stress reduced teaching and learning 98.50 Kb
ppt The learning potential of Interactive Whiteboards 813.00 Kb
ppt Innovative teaching 217.00 Kb
ppt Multimedia in Foreign Language Learning 505.50 Kb
ppt Web 2.0 technologies in foreign language learning 3.72 Mb
ppt Presentation of the new Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) (2007-2013) 139.50 Kb
ppt Discussion and ideas for new sub-projects - introductory presentation 139.50 Kb

2nd Conference in Spain:
ppt The presentation from the workgroup on Stress-reduced Learning 3.55 Mb 
pdf The presentation from the workgroup on Interactive Whiteboards 3.37 Mb 

Presentations from the workgroup on interactivity in the classroom:
ppt Guidelines for Interactivity, Reflection and ICT 371.00 Kb
ppt Innovation in learning and teaching 1021.50 Kb
ppt Interaction, Reflection and ICT 425.00 Kb

The presentations from the workgroup on Multimedia:
ppt Definition of Multimedia and an overview of the following presentations 185.50 Kb
ppt Short Films, Educational games, Digital Lexica, Virtual Museums 5.00 Mb

Associate partner presentations:

Inspirations by representative Mr. Alan Benneth. Relevant link:
Apples learning interchange
ppt Inspirations by representative Mr. Raúl Santiago 10.00 Mb

Ideas for the educational use of interactive whiteboards by representative Mr. Dominique Corazolla, International Support Manager.

Ideas for the educational use of interactive whiteboards by representative Mr. Alejandro Gutierrez. Relevant links:
Promethean Learning
Promethean Planet
Promethean World


It's learning:

Ideas for the educational use of a Virtual Learning Environment platform (VLE) by representative Mr. Knud Erik Gissel. Relevant link: http://www.itsolutions.no/




Network Conference



Focus on Stress reduced learning

Focus on Interactive Teaching Strategies

Focus on Interactive Whiteboards

Focus on Multimedia

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