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Multimedia - BLOG

The Multimedia working group is running a new debate on a seperate BLOG.

Check and give your comments here: http://ltegroupwork.blogspot.com/

web 2.0 technologies

The LTE-Network investigates the use of innovative teaching methods for foreign language learning. Web 2.0 technologies are at the cutting edge of online activity and possibilities today. LTE is therefore looking into the learning potential of the use of online virtual worlds as a platform for innovative foreign language learning.

LTE Weblog

The LTE project will run a Blog aimed at putting forward ideas and thoughts on, question about and reflections with regard to the ongoing project matter.


It is hoped that the Blog will facilitate a dialog with educators and institutions around the world, thereby enriching the themes that LTE works on.

 Please feel free to add comments...




Network Conference



Focus on Stress reduced learning

Focus on Interactive Teaching Strategies

Focus on Interactive Whiteboards

Focus on Multimedia

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